The first-ever Annual American Metaverse Awards coming to Miami in 2023

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The first-ever American Metaverse Awards will be held March 30, 2023 in Miami, with the goal to connect and build relationships among up-and-coming new companies, brands and large corporations embracing Web3 and the Metaverse.

Among other topics, the event will explore the opportunities in the Metaverse for new and well-established brands, as well as emerging new business models and revenue-growth strategies.

The American Metaverse Awards is a sister event to the European Metaverse Awards, held Oct. 27 in Berlin. This year, the keynote presentation was delivered by Sebastien Borget, founder of The Sandbox. Other speakers include Robert Gunther, head of developer partnerships at Meta’s Reality Labs.

About the awards

There are 21 award categories, with more than 100 companies expected to be shortlisted as finalists. Pioneers and “rule breakers” (both top companies and leading entrepreneurs) deserve to be distinguished and recognized for their early achievements in the Metaverse/Web3 space.

About the summit

The American Metaverse Summit focuses on business opportunities in the Metaverse, with a unique focus on actionable business. The aim is to connect, educate and help build relationships among up-and-coming new companies and large corporations embracing Web3 and the Metaverse. The summit features speakers and panels delivering insights into Metaverse/Web3 strategies and tactics. Break-out sessions include multiple mini-presentations on specific subjects as well as nomination showcases that will spotlight the extraordinary companies short-listed for the awards.

Who should attend?

More than 250 companies are expected to attend the summit and awards gala evening. These attendees are 99% entrepreneurs, innovators or top execs of up-and-coming, Metaverse-focused companies or large corporations keen to partner with the Metaverse/Web3 ecosystem. In addition, more than 50 VC and CVC execs will likely attend.

About the organizers

CEE Business Media Europe has organized more than 35 awards events over the last 15 years in Europe, as well as New York, Tokyo and Texas. Led by Thom Barnhardt and supported by a team spread across Europe, the United States and Australia, the Metaverse Awards are both a first for the team and the first of its kind to be held. The company also publishes a weekly newsletter with more than 40 stories weekly, covering the American Metaverse and Web3 ecosystem, including new investments, new partnerships, new and emerging technologies, and top entrepreneurs building disruptive new companies.

Public relations agency Metaverse PR Inc. is working in collaboration with CEE Business Media to produce the event. Metaverse PR Inc. is a communications and publicity company that specializes in public relations for the Web3 industry.

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