Bitsgap Announces Platform Updates Ahead of Christmas Sale

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Bitsgap, the largest crypto aggregator and automated trading platform, is revamping its three most successful crypto trading bots ahead of this year’s final major sales campaign.

Despite the bear market, Bitsgap has seen remarkable growth and is confident about the future. In the run-up to the Christmas gift-giving season, the team has made significant efforts to update some of its key automated trading tools.

Now, they are even easier to start, more efficient, and more profitable.

“For us, these months have been full of intense work. We put a lot of effort into adding extra security layers for our customers and developing new features,” says Max Kalmykov, CEO of Bitsgap.

“And now, we’re thrilled to have revamped our best trading bots in time for the Christmas sale so that everyone can trade with the best trading tools on the market at a 30% discount.”

The DCA, GRID, and BTD (Buy the Dip) bots have been completely redesigned and can now be launched with just three clicks.

While all bots can be used in both bullish and bearish markets, the team has added some lucrative pre-built strategies that specifically take advantage of falling markets.

The DCA Bot gets a wholly redesigned launcher and backtest feature — along with shorting strategy that allows clients to make profits by buying coins when their price decreases.

The updated GRID Bot now has a more intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows traders to launch the bot with just three clicks.

The new BTD Bot uses the trendy Buy the Dip strategy and gives traders the opportunity to buy more coins when their price falls — to accelerate future profits when the market rises again.

Apart from the default profitable settings, DCA and GRID bots are fully customizable and can follow any individual strategy.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming this year’s holiday shopping season with fully updated features,” continues Max Kalmykov.

“Our annual subscription offers a fantastic opportunity to save; combined with the Christmas sale, this is a savings opportunity not to be missed! Both existing and new users can subscribe at an excellent discount and give themselves a perfect gift for themselves for the whole coming year!”

The Christmas sale at Bitsgap runs from Dec 21 to Dec 30, 2022. Traders can subscribe and get a seven-day free trial or upgrade their current plans with a 30% discount on the Bitsgap website or the platform itself.

About Bitsgap

Founded in 2016 in Estonia with the noble goal of making cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges more accessible and efficient, Bitsgap has grown into one of the largest crypto aggregators with more than 15 connected exchanges, over 100 team members, and a large community of 500K+ traders.

Bitsgap’s flagship product is a cloud-based, automated crypto trading platform that provides users with a complete suite of manual and automated trading tools like smart orders, trading bots, and risk and portfolio management. Bitsgap especially takes pride in its trading bots — DCA and GRID — which have shown fantastic returns in the crypto market and attracted a large following with almost 4M bots started and overall trading volumes exceeding $300B in 2022.

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