Solana Labs Introduces GameShift to Simplify Web3 Game Production

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Solana Labs, which builds technology for the high-performance and carbon-neutral Solana blockchain, today unveiled GameShift, a unified web3 game development API aimed at alleviating major pain points games publishers experience when developing or porting games into web3.

“Developers for web3 games need innovative technology to simplify and accelerate the game building process, which GameShift will accomplish,” said Tal Tchwella, head of product at Solana Labs. “GameShift is building the ownership layer for games, and will provide a one-stop shop for developers on Solana helping them build faster and more confidently.”

With Solana Labs’ GameShift, developers will soon be able to access a full stack of trusted third-party web3 components on Solana through a single API.

GameShift will provide everything developers need to unlock a complete, trusted, high quality web3 in-game experience, covering custody solutions, marketplaces, inventory management, NFT minting, credit card on-ramps and off-ramps, and more.

The GameShift tech stack will simplify the asset ownership journey for both developers and gamers. Similar to developing experiences in web2, GameShift will package new and existing third-party tooling for game developers on Solana to easily integrate into web3 and combine their technological needs into a single interface.

GameShift was announced at PlayGG, a community-first celebration of games on Solana happening this week in San Diego, where more than 40 games on Solana are available to play.

“Developers see the potential of web3 games but they need help navigating the fragmented landscape of web3 tools and solutions,” Tchwella said. “GameShift will make it easy for developers to focus more on building their games instead of wrestling with the complexities of integrating web3 into their games.”

GameShift is expected to be available later this year. Interested developers can sign-up for early access here.

About Solana Labs

Solana Labs is a technology company that builds products, tools, and reference implementations to further expand the Solana ecosystem.

About Solana

Solana is a blockchain built for mass adoption. It’s a high performance network that is utilized for a range of use cases, including finance, NFTs, payments, and gaming. Solana operates as a single global state machine, and is open, interoperable and decentralized. For more information, please visit

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