Airdrop Alert Presents New Opportunities for Farmers in Airdrop Season 2024

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Airdrop Alert, the leading platform for collecting free crypto, is a well-known name in this sector. With over 5,000 airdrops listed and 25 million website visitors, Airdrop Alert is a go-to source for airdrop farmers.

The Opportunity of Farming L2 Projects with Staking and Restaking

The first opportunity that one can find on Airdrop Alert comes from L2 projects offering staking and restaking. Among the most popular options are EigenLayer and Blast, both built on Ethereum. These Layer 2 solutions allow users to reuse their staked ETH for security and earning rewards.

EigenLayer makes it obsolete to have separate trust networks by introducing restaking. Blast, instead, offers unique yield opportunities in DeFi through its native yield capabilities for ETH and stablecoins.

The project’s success is no surprise. Blast relies on an elite team, including the creator of the NFT marketplace protocol Blur, with backing from industry giants. To participate in the airdrops, users can follow simple steps like visiting the project’s website and connecting their EVM wallet.

Entering the SocialFi Trend through Friend.Tech

SocialFi is another major trend for anyone interested in joining airdrops through websites such as Airdrop Alert. The project has recently unveiled several time-limited opportunities for Web3 enthusiasts interested in discovering this new trend.

With SocialFi, this idea of merging decentralized finance principles with social media platforms is gaining traction.

Platforms like Friend.Tech allow content creators to have control over their data and directly engage with their audience. The farming points on Friend.Tech currently sell for $6 per point on pre-market, making it a lucrative opportunity for content creators to earn commissions.

The main idea of SocialFi is for people to buy shares or “keys” to talk to their favorite content creators. Clearly, the more trading volume these keys get, the more profitable they become for content creators.

At its peak hype, Friend.Tech had a total TVL of over $50 million, making it one of the leading platforms in the SocialFi space. Friend.Tech remains a popular choice among content creators looking to join the SocialFi movement.

Other platforms are also joining the SocialFi trend, meaning that more opportunities will likely arise. As the trend gains momentum, traders can expect to see a rise in platforms and innovations within the SocialFi space.

About Airdrop Alert

Airdrop Alert is one of the leading platforms for airdrop hunters. All the opportunities mentioned in this article are easy to find on Airdrop Alert. The website came to life in 2017 and has recently undergone a revamp with a brand-new user interface.

With over 5,000 airdrops listed, Airdrop Alert has been the go-to source for millions of airdrop farmers worldwide. Since its launch, the platform has attracted over 25 million visitors. The team has helped more than 3,000 businesses promote their airdrops to a wide audience.

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