NILE by Wemade launched Tangled, a Talk to Earn life DApp

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Wemade announced the official launch of Tangled, a T2E (Talk to Earn) life DApp on its DAO & NFT platform, NILE (Life Is Life Evolution).

Tangled is a Web3 live chat application developed by Frienkly. Its AI-based verification process bans users with fake gender and profiles to ensure safe and pleasant chat experiences. Live chat with global users is supported, and time points are earned when another user accepts your chat offer.

Time points can be saved in Tangled Timepieces, NFT of Tangled. Timepieces are graded Luxury, High-End, and Zenith, and those of the same grade can be fused to make an NFT of a higher grade. The higher the pieces go up in grade, the more time points they can save, and additional features such as longer live chat time are provided.

Accumulated time points can be exchanged for utility token TIPO. TIPO, in turn, can be swapped for other digital assets, including WEMIX and WEMIX$, which are accepted by many services of the WEMIX3.0 ecosystem.

Tangled Timepieces can be exchanged with WEMIX (NEITH Covenant) after NEITH Covenant Day via NEITH Station. 50 Luxury Timepieces were quickly sold out in 17 minutes when the initial sales opened on 23rd March, with another 10 rounds of Timepiece sales scheduled.

Meanwhile, NILE also launched Kari, a PFP (Profile Picture) project on 3rd April. Kari – follow-up project of Ari – a virtual human multiverse world, is a Korean-style dark fantasy universe. The creator and community will communicate directly via PAPYRUS, a token/NFT-based messenger, to design the project roadmap together. Unveiling of the contents based on its universe will follow.

Detailed information on NILE’s life DApp Tangled and PFP project Kari can be found on:

The official website:
Kari Project Website:
PAPYRUS Homepage:
Tangled :

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NILE is the world’s first DAO-powered blockchain NFT platform based on a fully decentralized smart contract infrastructure that will redefine the way we identify and express inspiration, creativity, and opportunity. NILE enables trustless and transparent projects in the form of concerts, art exhibits, sports, music, investments, and even businesses to be facilitated and managed through the DAO. More at

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