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The Kapital DAO today announced the release of Odyn, a new browser gaming portal that provides an accessible onramp to web3. With the increasing popularity of mobile and browser games, traditional console and PC games are no longer the only options for gamers and developers. Odyn offers dozens of top web3 games that can be played directly in the browser, providing a seamless experience for passionate gamers across the globe without complicated onboarding.

Odyn’s key partnerships with wallet providers and its proprietary asset management technology allow web2 users to quickly jump into a web3 game and start playing immediately, thereby significantly improving user acquisition time for both casual and large-scale web3 browser games.

The platform also provides unique community features that leverage emerging technology, such as cross-game chat, engagement rewards, and integration of digital collectibles. Committed to the success of game developers in the web3 space, the Odyn team also offers a range of resources including publisher toolkits, feedback sessions, and community choice awards.

“The Kapital DAO is not just building a platform for web3 gaming, we’re building a gateway to a whole new world of immersive experiences. We’re passionate about the potential of browser gaming to unlock massive growth for the web3 gaming space, and we’re excited to propel Odyn to become the ultimate destination for users looking to discover the future of web3 gaming.” – Sam Peurifoy, CEO of Playground Labs, a core contributor to the Kapital DAO.

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About the Kapital DAO

The Kapital DAO builds SaaS tools for scaling the web3 gaming open economy. Product verticals span digital asset management, web3 gaming distribution, community engagement and growth tooling, global esports participation, and advisory services. All fees for Kapital DAO products are paid for or swapped into the KAP token. Prominent investors include Yield Guild Games (YGG), Solana, Polygon, HBAR, NEAR, Algorand, GSR, Wintermute Ventures, Keyrock, Portofino, and many more. For more information, visit

About Playground Labs

Playground Labs brings digital productivity to life in the metaverse. By developing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and play-to-earn gaming products within the virtual world, Playground Labs builds next-generation infrastructure for the metaverse economy and enables everyone to generate real economic utility by playing the games they love. For more information, visit

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