Poloniex celebrates 9th anniversary with global expansion plan and new products in the pipeline

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Difficult circumstances create opportunities and we have witnessed it during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies with creative and innovative ideas manage to survive and will shine in tough times such as Poloniex. In 2023, Poloniex celebrates its 9th anniversary with plans to launch more great products and services to customers across the globe.

Building a unified culture

Poloniex has been in BUIDL mode in crypto space since 2014.

BUIDL is a popular word in the industry and the idea behind it is serious – encouraging Web3 enthusiasts to continuously build a stronger and healthier ecosystem regardless of the market condition, which is also one of the underlying beliefs of Poloniex.

Poloniex has shown perseverance in the time of adversity because of its resistance and unified culture.The exchange has been through all the ups and downs with customers. It doesn’t matter if it is the crypto winter or crypto bull market, thanks to its safe and regulatory compliant system with its cohort of over 200 talents around the world.

With nine years of history, Poloniex has become one of the well-known exchanges where crypto enthusiasts can trade over 400 hot tokens in a safe and reliable manner.

Moreover, Poloniex has further expanded its international customer base in recent years. Its footprints are further reaching to CIS, LATAM, MENA and APAC in addition to the launches of more products and services.

Making products with innovations

Over the years, Poloniex created products and services with creativity and innovation. In 2022, Poloniex has achieved many milestones including the launch of its new trading system which revamped the legacy system with higher speed, stability, and usability.

To enhance the overall trading experience of customers, Poloniex launched a respective cross-margin mode for spot and futures trading. It supports a maximum leverage of 3X to enhance users’ capital with features including a unified spot and cross-margin account,and the “auto-borrow” and “repay” functions. It enables users to initiate a loan or repay the loan respectively, which enhances financial flexibility and avoids additional interest burdens when they are trading, transferring or depositing tokens.

In addition, Poloniex optimized the fee structure for USDT-collateralized perpetual contracts to provide customers with the lowest fees in the entire industry. Because of the fee optimization, the Maker and Taker fee rates for trading USDT-collateralized perpetual contracts on Poloniex Futures are 0.01% and 0.04% respectively. The changes apply to all customers regardless of their trade volume.

Meanwhile, Poloniex also launched a “VIP+1” program, which will bump investors up one level on Poloniex should they be given a different VIP level at other exchanges. For example, if you’re entitled to VIP1 at another exchange, Poloniex will grant you a status of VIP2 instead.

Looking forward

To echo its slogan for the 9th anniversary – “Nine legendary years, to be continued”, Poloniex will launch more great products and services in 2023 such as the launch of Futures Grid as a head start. Meanwhile, other innovative products including trading bots, sub-accounts, lite version of web/app, fiat on-ramp service and beyond are also in the pipeline to further provide novice and veteran customers with better trading experiences.

Poloniex has made it this far thanks to the determination, dedication and diligence of the team as well as the long-term support from its customers. To express their gratitude to the users, Poloniex has launched a series of campaigns to give away prizes including BTC, ETH and an iPhone14 Pro with a cumulative amount of $1,300,000 along with a prize pool worth 900,000 USDT!

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