Zaros Launches $ZRS Token, Leveraging Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs)

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Zaros, a cutting-edge perpetual futures decentralized exchange (DEX) that boosts LSTs (Liquid Staking Tokens) & LRTs (Liquid Re-Staking Tokens) APR (Annual Percentage Rate) based on Arbitrum and is soon to launch on Monad, is excited to announce the launch of its ZRS token via the LBP protocol Fjord Foundry.

This announcement was made through Zaros’ official X (Twitter) account, generating significant excitement among enthusiasts and investors alike.

Zaros officially launches the $ZRS token

After more than a year and a half of dedicated development, the Zaros team, led by CEO Guilherme Bettanin and CTO Pedro Bergamini, is thrilled to unveil the journey of decentralizing their creation to the world. The token launch coincides with a trading competition on the platform, allowing users to earn zPoints on Zaros and participate in a future ZRS airdrop.

Together with the trading competition, Zaros will introduce a new points dashboard, inspired by Ethena and EtherFi. Building on the success of the testnet launch, Zaros will generate claimable zPoints keys.

Several communities, such as the Monadians, along with Telegram groups and KOLs, are set to distribute these keys along with their referral links, earning them 20% of the points from people they refer.

As anticipation builds for the Zaros mainnet launch, the platform remains in its testnet phase. However, the announcement of the ZRS token has heightened excitement about the future of the innovative perpetual futures DEX on Arbitrum and Monad, while you can already try their trading features here.

The token features a well-balanced tokenomics structure with the team maintaining strong opinions about competitors’ models, and attracting substantial interest and demand from eager investors and traders.

Why the excitement around Zaros?

The launch of ZRS is generating excitement due to its distinctive features in the competitive perpetuals DEX market. Unlike typical DEXs, Zaros introduces innovative mechanisms that offer traders a CEX-like experience while enabling liquidity providers to deposit LSTs and LRTs for boosted staking rewards. Additionally, Zaros has announced a partnership with one of Monad’s largest communities, the Monadians, further boosting its appeal.

Recently, Zaros secured $1.8 million in funding from private investors, demonstrating their commitment to long-term development. Only 1.36% of the token supply will be released at TGE from investors, while 4% of the total supply will be available for the LBP.

By offering traders a CEX-like user experience with features like social login, one-click transactions, multi-asset margin trading, and a diverse range of markets, Zaros stands out in the market. Liquidity providers can deposit LSTs and LRTs, significantly boosting their rewards.

Additionally, the ZRS token includes a revenue-sharing mechanism and a buyback and burn function, alongside governance power, providing a well-balanced utility for project supporters.

Expert team driving success

The success of Zaros is driven by its experienced team:

  • Pedro Bergamini, co-founder and CTO, is a seasoned blockchain professional with significant industry contributions. He previously served as the Head of Blockchain for Illuvium, deploying smart contracts that secured over $1 billion of TVL on Ethereum.
  • Guilherme Bettanin, co-founder and CEO, brings extensive expertise in marketing and e-commerce growth to the blockchain industry. Before transitioning to DeFi, he achieved $20 million in e-commerce sales.

With a team of 18 core contributors, Zaros is well-positioned to lead the transformation of the derivatives market.

Upcoming milestones

Zaros is poised to achieve several key milestones in the coming weeks:

  • The week following the ZRS listing will count with the start of the DAO council applications.
  • Token listing on CEXs and DEX pools on Balancer (incentivized) and Uniswap.
  • zPoints pre-seasons.

About Zaros

Zaros is the first LRTFi perpetuals DEX powered by a CEX-like UX coming to Arbitrum & Monad. It enables boosting ETH staking & restaking yield by delegating liquidity to the protocol’s ZLP Vaults, while traders on the other side may leverage up to 100x across crypto, FX, and commodities perpetuals.

Zaros recently has successfully raised $1.8 million in funding. The round saw participation from prominent venture funds, including SNZ Holdings, Seven Capital, Cogitent Ventures, and DCI Capital.

Notable early angel investors include Fernando Martinelli, founder of Balancer; Kieran Warwick, founder of Illuvium; Danny Wilson, CFO of Illuvium; Antony Sassano, founder of TheDailyGwei; Andy Chen, CTO at Scalene and former Lead Architect at Synthetix, and Kevin Lu, CEO at Scalene and former Growth Lead at Band Protocol.

Learn more

For more information and to stay updated on Zaros’ progress, visit Zaros, follow @zarosfi on X (Twitter), and join the Zaros Discord community. Technical details can be found in the protocol’s technical documentation.

Zaros is committed to decentralizing the derivatives market, offering unparalleled opportunities for traders and liquidity providers. Join us in redefining the future of finance.

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