Tide Capital Receives Investment from GoFintech Innovation, a Hong Kong-listed Securities Firm, to Develop Compliant Digital Asset Financial Ecosystem

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In May 2024, Tide Capital’s hedge fund secured investment from a subsidiary of GoFintech Innovation Limited (00290.HK), a Hong Kong-listed full-licensed financial corporation. GoFintech Innovation operates diverse financial services in Hong Kong through its subsidiaries, including Fortune (HK) Securities, Fortune Financial Capital, Fortune Asset Management, Fortune Wealth Management and Fortune Finance, holding licenses from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong for types 1, 4, 6, 9, as well as insurance brokerage and money lending licenses, actively venturing into virtual and digital asset domains. This investment aims to fully leverage Tide Capital’s professional expertise to strategically establish a compliant digital asset financial ecosystem.

Founded by seasoned investor Jasper Wu, Tide Capital is a research-driven digital asset investment and trading company. Its team members hail from prestigious institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Peking University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, boasting extensive experience in investment and trading. Regarding this investment, founder Jasper Wu stated, “Hong Kong’s recent approval of Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs signifies the formal entry of digital assets into mainstream financial markets, marking a revolutionary shift in the financial landscape and potentially attracting billions of dollars in incremental funds. GoFintech Innovation Group, anchored in the Hong Kong financial market, strategically invests in the fintech industry, continually accumulating and actively positioning itself in compliant digital asset domains. With this investment, Tide Capital will collaborate closely with GoFintech Innovation Group, actively expanding compliant digital asset investment and trading to achieve market-competitive returns.”

Jasper Wu noted that with the necessary regulatory approvals, GoFintech Innovation Group strategically invested in Tide Capital’s funds, leveraging Tide Capital’s expertise in digital asset investment and trading, to jointly layout a compliant digital asset financial ecosystem. This not only aligns with the strategic goal of providing more diversified services to investors but also facilitates mutual efforts to drive the development of the digital asset industry in the Hong Kong region.

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