SpaceGate is merging the best of centralized and decentralized finance

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There’s no denying the fact that decentralized finance (DeFi) is on the rise. The amount of locked value is running in the hundreds of billions of dollars and continues to rise at double-digit growth rates.

With DeFi farms generating 20%-and-higher yields for investors, there’s nothing surprising about those trends. At the same time, however, the ease and simplicity of centralized finance (CeFi), among other advantages, are sorely missed by many users — especially newcomers.

SpaceGate is bridging that gap by taking the best of CeFi and DeFi to create a unified, all-in-one offering. Many experts are hailing “centralized and decentralized finance” — CeDeFi — as the future, and SpaceGate is spearheading this transition.
Boosting crypto adoption with effortless interfaced and automated yield optimization

Between setting up a wallet, acquiring and depositing crypto assets, entering a liquidity pool, managing liquidity pool tokens and then repeating the process for different blockchains, there’s a steep learning curve to getting started in DeFi. This is a massive hurdle that proves insurmountable for many newcomers and thus keeps them from joining the DeFi revolution.

SpaceGate is completely redefining the experience by streamlining all steps into an intuitive finance application. By offering users an effortless entry through a user interface that’s familiar to many traditional finance customers, SpaceGate will automatically cut out many steps of the process and make it an attractive entry point for newcomers.

However, where SpaceGate really shines is with its proprietary yield optimal leverage operating system (YOLOS). This advanced system automatically sifts through all the emerging yield farms from many popular chains to keep tabs on the evolving list of DeFi opportunities.

Powered by smart contracts, YOLOS automatically and transparently crafts a yield-farming strategy with the ideal combination of the best yield farms gathered in the previous step. Finally, the system executes the strategy by taking care of all the necessary steps on its own and without requiring any human intervention.

In essence, users only need to deposit one cryptocurrency asset and then SpaceGate, and its proprietary YOLOS, manage the entire investment strategy for them.

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