Galaxis Gen Zero NFTs Sell Out in 48 Seconds on Whitelist Rounds

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The team behind many celebrity NFTs such as Mike Tyson, The NBA and more launching their NFT-utility platform, sold elite membership cards, giving lots of utility to holders within the upcoming Galaxis platform.

On 23rd August 2023, Galaxis, formerly known as Ether Cards, sold out free-mint NFTs offering governance, staking and other platform perks as rewards to holders. The collection stands at a floor price of 0.139 ether (ETH) on OpenSea at the time of writing.

The new collection features 400 unique collectibles, which the team commented ‘represent the future of dynamic digital collectibles.’ Members who were whitelisted and received at least one of the total 400 NFTs would be eligible for a host of perks such as priority access to future NFT releases, early stage investment opportunities, discounts and more. The company is famously known to be involved in many celebrity NFTs in the past such as Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, LaMelo Ball, Val Kilmer, Ethereum Name Service, and others.

Gen Zero Collection features art of Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai, international artists that have drawn and painted graphics and decks for Dungeons and Dragons, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Star Wars and more. The collection was a success and a great milestone for the company and its price quickly jumped following the sell-out, with prices on the secondary marketplace OpenSea reaching about $229 – more than 200% growth. Trading volume also crept to about 14 ETH, or about $23,000, on the day following the free-mint.

The company also stated a list of utilities for Gen Zero holders which included limited edition avatar choices and customisation of visual aspects, as well as staking rewards and governance rights. “Holders of the Gen Zero collection will also be able to participate in exclusively reserved community investment rounds for its upcoming NFT drops,” said Andras Kristof, CEO of Galaxis, in a statement on Thursday.

“The Internet enabled limitless connections and seamless interactions. It broke down borders and distances. Web3 can build upon it and allow seamless transfer of value. We want to continue making Galaxis a safe space for creators, business people, and those ready to focus on lifetime commitment instead of just the lifetime value, so they want to give fans real, ownable value.” continued Andras.

Some recent filings suggested that the company has sold more than 180,000+ NFTs, generated 32,000+ ETH in secondary market sales, acquired 55,000+ unique wallet addresses, and powered 50+ projects. While Ethereum price hovering around $1600, the returns on upcoming collections.

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