Gain Protocol Announces ICO — A Next Generation Decentralized Finance Ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain

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Gain Protocol offers holders massive opportunities to generate passive income with
static rewards and daily sweepstakes opportunities. The community-driven project puts
the power in the hands of the people.

Gain Protocol is the next step for decentralized finance on the BSC. The project aims to create a truly community-focused approach to static rewards and passive income in decentralized finance (DeFi). Understanding the pitfalls and pain points that marred other similar projects, Gain Protocol has put transparency and honesty at the front of all they do. Static rewards have been a hot topic in the industry for quite some time, but often these projects are less than reliable. Gain Protocol has taken immense steps to build community trust and create a truly decentralized framework for engagement.

Part of this process involves putting the smart contracts that are the project’s foundation through extensive third-party audits. Gain Protocol is proud to partner with SolidityFinance to provide holders peace of mind when navigating the ecosystem. The team has taken this approach even further, garnering top scores on popular ICO rating website Currently, Gain Protocol is at the top of pre-ICO DeFi projects — a position that puts the Gain Protocol well ahead of similar projects.

Part of what defines Gain Protocol is the community-driven ethos that permeates through every feature of the project. With smart contract powered protocols like Whale Protection and Toro Rounds, the project is taking steps to shore up stabilized prices of the native GAIN token and help everyday holders engage with the ecosystem in a safe and fair way.

Nathan Vaknin, creator and Operational Leader of Gain Protocol, remarks that the project is the “next generation of decentralized finance.” Vaknin strongly believes “that Gain Protocol has extremely unique and innovative features that solve many issues within” DeFi.

For Vaknin, “a new era has been created” with the release of Gain Protocol. With massive passive income opportunities, Gain Protocol is the “first ecosystem truly designed for the people.” Without a doubt, Gain Protocol is redefining paradigms that surround investing and DeFi. Not only can holders earn massive amounts of passive income, but the project motivates engagement that further grows Gain Protocol and holder rewards simultaneously. Interaction not only benefits holders but also helps grow the value of the native GAIN token. At the heart of the project are seven protocols that each aim to provide more reward opportunities and stabilize the ecosystem.

*Whale Protection: Large token holders can tank the value of a token when they decide to make a sale. With Whale Protection, a smart contract system adds a dynamic fee system for sales of GAIN larger than 2% of total locked liquidity. The added fees go straight to holder wallets. This helps stabilize the price of GAIN and puts more GAIN into static rewards.

*Static Rewards: Gain Protocol’s approach to static rewards distribution provides holders with massive daily passive income opportunities. Seller fees fill the rewards pool, meaning every transaction on Gain Protocol puts GAIN in holder wallets.

*Dynamic Liquidity: Gain Protocol’s unique approach to liquidity pools (LPs) upgrades the model used by other projects and alleviates the pain points of traditional LP systems. Instead of letting excess liquidity funds lay dormant in a company wallet, the smart contract sends excess funds to our sweepstakes protocol.

*Sweepstakes Protocol: Gain Protocol wants to give holders as many opportunities to win as possible. With daily sweepstakes drawings, holders get more chances to win through one of the seven unique drawing types. GAIN for sweepstakes comes from both buyer fees and excess GAIN funneled from the dynamic LP.

*Toro Rounds: With our exclusive Toro Rounds, smart contracts handle future public token sales with the goal of doubling the value of GAIN during each round. Every user has an equal chance to purchase GAIN at a fair price, no special treatment here. We also place restrictions on selling GAIN purchased during Toro Rounds for the week following sales. This helps stabilize the price following each Toro Round.

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