Aegis Trust Announces Landmark Partnership with Cosmos Network

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Aegis Trust, one of the leading digital asset qualified custodians in the U.S. offering client-centric technology infrastructure and regulatory compliant solutions, announced today its support of the Cosmos Network and its ecosystem by custodying the treasury assets of its protocols. With this news, the company is building on its existing relationship by working with a wide range of Cosmos’ key protocols as the custodian for the respective assets, in addition to continuing its support of custody and staking.

Amidst increasing regulations across the fintech industry, crypto custody is gaining momentum and experiencing mainstream adoption, evidenced by the United States’ oldest bank, The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY) launching its own crypto custody service. With the need for such solutions on the rise for blockchain ecosystems, Aegis Trust is furthering its support and commitment to Cosmos protocols through custody as well as delegated staking for assets including ATOM, BLD, SOMM, EVMOS, AXL, OSMO and NYM.

“As we continue to see distributed ledgers mature, custodians are going to take on a more prominent role in terms of ensuring trust for all stakeholders,” said Serra Wei, CEO and Founder of Aegis Trust. “Aegis provides the solution to help bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital asset management, and we are thrilled to continue to support one of the most exciting ecosystems in the space, Cosmos, through custody and staking. We will continue to strive to bring value and solidify our commitment to Cosmos.”

Over the past few months, Aegis Trust has ramped up its partnerships with key industry players such as Coinbase Cloud, to deliver institutional-grade staking and custodying for Evmos and Avalanche. It also has announced its $25M insurance policy for NFTs through market-leading global specialty (re)insurer, Canopius, via Lloyd’s of London.

About Aegis Trust

Aegis Trust is a licensed and insured digital and traditional asset custodian that provides institutional-grade, one-stop blockchain based custodial solutions. Aegis services clients all over the globe through Aegis Trust Company, a South Dakota trust charter in the US, as well as Aegis Custody, a trust company service provider in Hong Kong, ensuring commitment to its clients across any timezone. By leveraging its ecosystem infrastructure connectivity, Aegis offers leading-edge products and a wide range of digital asset custody and staking protocols. Led by an experienced executive team with digital native experts coupled with senior capital markets experience at blue-chip firms including Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, Aegis Trust provides a bridge between traditional finance and digital asset management.

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