Xive Recognized as a Leading Bitcoin Mining Company by WorldFestival 2023 Startup Awards

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The Bitcoin joint mining company Xive became one of the TOP 50 finalists in the WorldFestival 2023 Startup Awards. The company made it onto the leaderboard in the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency category and received an award during the official ceremony that took place on August 15-16, 2023.

WorldFestival Startup Awards is a global competition of over 3000 startups from a variety of industries, including business, finance, health, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and more. Xive was among the only three companies from the blockchain and crypto sector to make it into the final count.

The shortlist of winners was determined by the results of a crowd vote, which involved the global online community giving their opinions on all the candidates, and a committee vote where 150+ qualified professionals, investors and executives in the technology sector rendered their judgment.

Xive is a Bitcoin mining company that offers easy and efficient joint mining services and develops a transparent and fully automated mining web platform. The company’s core product, joint mining, serves the mission of providing everyone with an equal opportunity to mine Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Xive’s mining web platform allows efficient and accurate calculation of energy consumption and automated payment while transparently demonstrating the equipment’s performance throughout the year.

Xive is a company developed by Bitcoin miners for miners. It is run by industry experts and practicing miners, and the company’s leadership team are co-investors of Xive’s joint mining farms. For more than five years, the team has been building up expertise in mining, placing customers at the heart of the company and seeking to make mining accessible to everyone.

Didar Bekbauov, founder and CEO of Xive, commented: “We are honored to have been recognized among the winners of the WorldFestival Startup Awards contest. This achievement is a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our exceptional team. It is also a validation of our relentless pursuit of innovation in the field of cryptocurrency mining.

“As we continue in our efforts to revolutionize this industry with cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, this award serves as a catalyst for us to push ourselves towards greater accomplishments.”

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