SENSE CHAIN: A New Digital Sense-To-Sense Business and Entertainment World where time is the main asset

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Arllecta group of companies presents the launch of one of its flagship products in the development of the global digital economy. Sence Chain is a global digital business and entertainment network, where every person on our planet can earn money using one of its main life resources – time.

In our network, we create and implement the principles of the economy of a highly developed smart country. Our monetary digital policy uses highly innovative digital solutions that will completely eliminate problems harmful to society such as:

  • Inflation, which is basically a synthetic derivative of any fiat currency, occurs when the distribution of this very currency ceases to have a true economic basis and it begins to “multiply” like a cancerous tumor.
  • Taylor’s Principle: Low inflation will be sustainable if the nominal interest rate rises by a greater amount than rising inflation, allowing the real interest rate to rise in response to rising inflation. This principle is extremely dangerous for the long-term development of society since it carries the main defect – a complete ban on the rapid and constant technological development of any country, and also artificially restrains the development of individual businesses.
  • Central banks that “manage” inflation and maintain it at a certain artificial level. The central bank, like any bank in general, is the main brake on the economic development of any country, as well as business in general, since, firstly, it is not a business entity producing any product, the cost of which would consist of other services or products of other business entities – that is, there is no economic closed loop between economic entities. Secondly, the concept of capitalization cannot be applied to any bank since all its main assets are artificially created and do not belong to it.

The core of the network includes the implementation of the following economic modules:

  • Reserve fund
  • Investment fund
  • Operating fund

The Reserve Fund performs the functions of issuing digital currency Sense Coin (SC or S2S). Each coin has three main characteristics.

  • The first characteristic is the assignment of a unique identifier, which exists in a single copy on the network. This identifier allows to determine the holder of a coin with 100% accuracy and reduce to a minimum the possibility of fiat money laundering on the network. 
  • The second characteristic is the fixed coin rate: 1SC (S2S) = $10. This rate 
  • reflects the economic indicator of the minimum wage under a sense contract. 
  • The third characteristic is that each coin is provided with spent (hours worked) according to a sense contract.

The Investment fund performs the functions of aggregation and distribution of the digital currency of the network between investment sense contracts. The investment fund also performs the functions of protecting digital currency from misuse of digital assets of the network.

The Operating fund performs the functions of the current distribution of the digital currency of the network according to existing registered sense business contracts. This fund also covers all operational activities of the network related to the fulfillment of their obligations by the participants of this network.

The basic nominal unit of measurement for the value spent by a participant of our business network is the working hour:

1 worked hour (hourly rate) = 1 Sense Coin (SC or S2S).
1 Sense Coin (SC or S2S) = $10.

An hour, in the context of our network, means a working hour worked under a sense contract.

A sense contract, in the context of our network, means a business contract implemented and stored in the network according to the rules of Sense Chain technology algorithms.

Sense Chain is a digital sense-to-sense network where everyone in the world can earn twice per sense contract.

About the project

Sense Chain is both a cryptographic network and a technology name with its own unique components, such as the proof of participation protocol algorithm, sense contracts and smart transactions.

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