Nolus Protocol Leads with Stellar Initial Phase Performance

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Nolus is a semi-permissioned blockchain bridging lenders and borrowers in a DeFi money market. With its DeFi Lease, borrowers can secure up to 150% financing on their initial investments, and access to the underlying leveraged assets through whitelisted strategies. In only 6 months since launch, total transactional volume reached almost $15m with a large increase in January reaching $250k daily volume.

Drawing on the principles of conventional leasing, where partial upfront payment leads to eventual ownership after full repayment, Nolus has innovatively adapted this model to reduce the typically high over-collateralization requirements prevalent in the DeFi sector. This strategy enhances capital efficiency and provides borrowers with more favorable loan conditions.

Over 4,000 DeFi Lease positions have been successfully initiated, amounting to an impressive value of more than $8.6 million. These leases are backed by almost $4 million in down payments (collateral). Key assets like ATOM, OSMO, AKT, TIA, wETH, and wBTC are central to the protocol’s growth, with LSDs significantly contributing to the total positions.

Nolus currently oversees more than 1m active leases, with down payments totaling $1.1m to secure $2.6 million in leases. Assets like OSMO and TIA are particularly popular, yielding impressive returns above 150%, while all current positions have an average profit per lease of more than 70%.

The protocol’s effective risk management is evident with only 0.5% of $8.6m lease positions facing liquidation, a testament to its user-friendly liquidation terms. The mechanics of partial liquidations further protects users’ initial investments, a stark contrast to the total equity loss often seen in other DeFi protocols.

Nolus has seamlessly grown its TVL from $1M to $4.5M in just 60 days, driven by a competitive 10% APY real yield for LPs and appealing borrowing conditions.

The imminent integration with Astroport on Neutron is set to propel Nolus further, leveraging Astroport’s liquidity and Neutron’s replicated security backed by the economic strength of the Cosmos Hub. This strategic move, combined with the existing Osmosis integration, promises a more diverse asset range for borrowers, increasing platform activity.

Disclaimer: All data referenced is publicly accessible on-chain, assuring full transparency.

About Nolus

Nolus defines a money market between lenders looking to earn yield on deposited stablecoins and borrowers looking to amplify holdings with more assets than their current equity at lower risk and retained ownership.

The Protocol utilizes a semi-permissioned PoS blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and a WASM smart contract engine that executes in an isolated sandbox model focused on interoperability, security and performance. Interoperability itself is at the core of Nolus’ offering as the Protocol utilizes IBC and Interchain Accounts to tap into a diverse set of liquidity hubs without creating fragmentation across chains.

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