ePIC Blockchain Introduces the ePIC BlockMiner™, North American Designed Bitcoin Mining Rigs Based on Intel® Blockscale™ Technology

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ePIC Blockchain, a leader in blockchain technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of its new ePIC BlockMiner™ Bitcoin mining system, integrating Intel® Blockscale™ chips, and powered by ePIC UMC (Universal Mining Control). The model 520i is immersion ready and optimized for a balance of performance and efficiency, while the model 740a designed for high performance. These products are ramping up in production and will be available in large volumes in April 2023.

The North American designed Bitcoin mining systems are built for flexibility, providing mining enterprises with options to maximize profitability under changing market conditions. The systems come in two form factors: a traditional tower form factor (model 520i) and a data center server form factor (model 740a) to accommodate different infrastructure needs.

The two models are powered by ePIC UMC and optimized for mining operation’s dynamics, performance, and efficiency. The ePIC UMC provides a unique approach to mining rig designs, enabling the mining enterprises full control over their fleet without the involvement of the manufacturer or aftermarket third party add-ons.

Leveraging the superior technology of ePIC UMC and the wide operating capabilities of the mining chips, these two ePIC BlockMiner™ rigs allow mining enterprises to control important mining parameters. “In this economic environment, ePIC is committed to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology,” says Jim Seto, ePIC’s CEO. “We are very proud to collaborate with an industry pioneer like Intel to bring out this product that helps enterprises face this challenging market head-on with confidence.”

“The need for innovation and scale continues to grow in the blockchain ecosystem, and the emergence of the ePIC BlockMiner™ powered by UMC represents a new hardware anchor point for the industry”, says Steven Eliscu, COO of DMG Blockchain Solutions. “We at DMG welcome this first wave of products and look forward to the rich funnel behind it.”

About ePIC Blockchain Technologies

Based in Toronto, Ontario, ePIC is a leader in semiconductor and system design for Proof of Work (PoW) Blockchains. ePIC offers customized mining rigs, including rigs based on the latest Intel® Blockscale™ technology, and fleet enhancement technologies that streamline and automate the performance and efficiency of the mining fleet.

For more information visit www.epicblockchain.io

About DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc.

DMG is an environmentally friendly vertically integrated blockchain and cryptocurrency company that manages, operates, and develops end-to-end digital solutions to monetize the blockchain ecosystem. DMG’s sustainable businesses are segmented into two business lines under the Core and Core+ strategies and unified through DMG’s vertical integration.

For more information on DMG Blockchain Solutions, visit www.dmgblockchain.com

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