DeVOTE DAO Partners with WinterGreen Research to Promote Indisputable Elections Technology Built on Everscale Blockchain

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DeVOTE, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, in close cooperation with the Government Blockchain Association, announced an agreement with the leading US Elections Industry expert WinterGreen Research, led by legendary inventor Susan Eustis. This powerhouse collaboration has been established to promote decentralized remote ballot marking and return technology running on the Everscale Network.

The move comes amid continuing work of the Congressional Committee investigating the January 6th 2021 attack on the US Capitol. “Never before has there been a greater need for open source and accessible technology that would make our elections indisputable. Those systems work in parallel with paper ballots marked by the voter,” says the inventor of the first vote counting machine and WinterGreen President Susan Eustis, “I am pleased to work with the team of advanced programmers and engineers at DeVOTE DAO, whose recent developments allow us to make it possible.”

Eugene M. Morozov, CPA, MS, one of DeVOTE DAO leaders, commented, “The technology DeVOTE developed changes the game with its unparalleled decentralized computational power running on the fastest and most scalable blockchain in the world, Everscale. It makes mass adoption of blockchain possible, removes any need to trust intermediaries as well as any doubt in the results. We at DeVOTE believe that elections must be open to all, secure and compliant, so finally anyone can vote from their smartphone or computer and verify that their vote has been cast and tallied as intended without anyone knowing how they voted.”

Blockchain technology of a decentralized, distributed ledger based on cryptography has proven itself capable of reliably securing trillions of dollars in value per day for cross border financial settlements. The technology has been adapted to many use cases in varying industries. Government agencies could and should use it to help prevent such events as the attack on US Congress.

“Lately, we’ve seen growth in adoption of blockchain frameworks in the private sector. Now we have DeVOTE, which offers a solution to many issues in the Voting Industry. We hope to begin conversations on how the DeVOTE technology can be applied for this purpose in public institutions next,” said GBA Executive Director Gerard Dache.

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About DeVOTE

DeVOTE is an end-to-end decentralized trustless remote ballot marking and return system utilizing groth16 technology on the leading Everscale blockchain. Built by the community, it allows for satisfaction of the legal requirement of permanent separation of voter affidavit and voter bulletin. Piloted at the GBA Blockchain and Infrastructure Conference in Washington, DC, in May 2022, the system is open source, affordable and indisputable.

About WinterGreen Research

WinterGreen Research, founded in 1985, provides strategic market assessments in technology, communications, health care, software, internet, energy generation, energy storage, renewable energy, youth sports, and advanced computer technology. WinterGreen Research produces industry analysis, predicting market growth and significant opportunities for new markets. Market research provides key insight to most efficiently grow existing markets and enter new markets.

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