BurstIQ Deploys Proprietary Blockchain-Enabled Technology to Securely Track COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

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BurstIQ, the leading provider of blockchain-based data solutions for the healthcare industry, earlier this month announced that their proprietary blockchain-enabled network will help streamline COVID-19 testing, vaccine administration and tracking. BurstIQ has partnered with a consortium of other technology and solution providers, including TrackMy Solutions, to power a comprehensive solution that tracks vaccines all the way through the supply chain to the individual patient, helping states, counties and companies simplify the many moving parts of a mass vaccination program.

“Reports of vaccine distribution errors underscore the vital role that data plays in responding to this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ. “Rolling out the vaccine to millions of people across the country will obviously take immense coordination, requiring a level of transparency and privacy that has been very challenging to implement with traditional IT systems. The healthcare industry will need coordinated access to secure and trusted data to identify trends that can help us understand how the virus and the vaccine affect various populations.”

BurstIQ’s blockchain-enabled technology creates immutable, longitudinal profiles of people, places and things. It then connects these profiles to each other with machine learning, resulting in multi-dimensional blockchains called LifegraphsÔ. LifeGraphs reveal the interdependence between all the various factors that influence individual health and system efficiency—insights that are especially critical for mass vaccination programs. Health departments and companies that deploy BurstIQ’s technology will be able to manage verified patient information and immunity passes through a COVID-19 registry which includes dynamic, real-time analytics and dashboards.

“From a supply chain perspective, organizations will have to record which manufactured batch of vaccinations are going to what locations, how many are allocated for the first or second dose, and more. From a patient profile perspective, organizations will have to track who has and has not been vaccinated, if they’ve received one dose or two and which vaccine they received,” says Rob Lubeck, Chief Growth Officer, BurstIQ. “The more trusted information the industry has access to, the better we can respond to the pandemic and curb its effects.”

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