Aurox Releases New Web3 Wallet with Industry-Leading Security and Intuitive User Experience

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Aurox, a leading DeFi-focused software development company, today launched its web3 wallet extension, offering wallet users the combination of industry-leading security and an intuitive user experience.

The new extension will also introduce Aurox Society, an innovative rewards program – just like credit card rewards – that offers users benefits for their transactions. Aurox is the first and only crypto company to offer rewards, from airdrops and exclusive NFTs to event invites, to Aurox users. Aurox’s new web3 wallet will compete directly with MetaMask for crypto wallet users.

“The new Aurox web3 wallet continues our focus on putting the user first – offering a combination of industry-leading security with a simple, intuitive user experience,” said Aurox CEO Giorgi Khazaradze. “The reality is, other wallets are failing: failing to protect users from basic hacks, failing to reduce transaction costs and failing to innovate. We aren’t going to blame users for hacks while charging them through the nose. The innovative Aurox Wallet offers a safe, simple, secure solution to bring De-Fi to the masses.”

Aurox believes that DeFi is the future of finance. The launch of the new Aurox Wallet comes at a critical inflection point in the adoption and expansion of DeFi tools. has projected that an estimated one billion users will own a crypto currency by the end of the year. And yet, there are only a few million decentralized wallets.

The Aurox Wallet expands Aurox’s DeFi software ecosystem. They currently offer users the Aurox Terminal, an all-in-one trading platform crypto trading that helps first time and advanced crypto traders identify opportunities and make a profit. The Aurox Terminal integrates 50+ exchanges, 100,000+ pairs and more than 100 advanced market trend indicators that help crypto traders make better decisions. That’s why today more than 70,000 crypto traders trust the Aurox Terminal. Aurox Mobile and Aurox Protocol are in the development pipeline and scheduled for 2023.



  • Anti-Phishing, Passphrase Protection: Instead of blaming users, the Aurox wallet offers a simple, elegant solution to warn users who may be providing private passcodes to untrustworthy third parties.
  • Transaction Simulation: Aurox believes information and transparency are critical. That’s why the Aurox Wallet shows users exactly what will happen in a transaction BEFORE executing.
  • Whitelist/Blacklist Database: Working with FIO, Aurox has created an innovative, ever-growing database of contracts that are trustworthy and untrustworthy. It’s another proactive layer to protect users from hacks and scams.


  • Eliminating Native Token Fees: The Aurox Wallet will be the first and only solution to provide truly gasless swapping (available by the end of 2022). Today, users who want to swap USDC to URUS must pay a network fee in ETH – requiring both ETH and USDC in their wallets. The Aurox solution simplifies the process, allowing users to execute USDC to URUS directly (network fee in original token).
  • Aurox Society: Aurox is the first and only crypto company to reward users for doing what they are already doing. Aurox Society rewards will include giveaways, airdrops, invites to social events and conferences and exclusive NFTs.


  • Streamlined Information, Better User Experience: Aurox Wallet users have immediate, real-time, clear access to their entire portfolio balances across all wallets and with all coins in USD prices. The Aurox Wallet also offers complete transaction history across all devices compared with a fragmented history offered by other wallets.
  • Automatic Import of Tokens: Instead of forcing users to click through multiple, confusing screens to find and import funds and tokens, the Aurox Wallet imports all token balances easily.
  • Revolutionizing NFTs: NFTs are a growing portion of many crypto user accounts. And yet, other wallets give you the run-around to find prices, volumes and images. The Aurox Wallet is a game-changer, offering immediate access to NFT market information and the ability to transfer NFTs to other users.


Aurox is a leading crypto software ecosystem – offering traders, investors and institutions a suite of tools that make DeFi easy. Co-founded by crypto traders Giorgi Khazaradze, Ziga Naglic, and Taraz Andreyevich in 2020, the company launched its free trading terminal, an all-in-one platform that integrates 50+ exchanges, 100,000+ pairs, advanced market trend indicators and real-time data that help crypto traders make better decisions. Today, an estimated 70,000 crypto traders trust Aurox. The company is scheduled to release its mobile app and lending protocol in 2023. For more info, visit:

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