ADVASA Joins IPwe’s Blockchain Smart Pool

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Today, IPwe Inc. announces that ADVASA Co., Ltd. has joined its Blockchain Smart Pool as the first Japanese member, immediately enabling access to over 1,250 blockchain patents and patent applications.

IPwe has transformed how companies innovate in emerging technologies by licensing intellectual property at scale in focused Smart Pools through an annual membership. In addition to the Blockchain Smart Pool, which currently has over 350 members since its launch earlier this year, IPwe has also launched three other Smart Pools in metaverse, digital link, and LiDAR technologies. By streamlining the technology sharing process, IPwe provides innovators, like ADVASA, with an efficient and transparent way to access licenses to critical blockchain patents.

ADVASA is a leading provider — and key patent holder — for Earned Wage Access (EWA) services in Japan, enabling large Japanese employers to provide their employees with daily payroll offerings. In Q1 2023, ADVASA will launch a joint venture in the United States to provide American employers with EWA solutions using blockchain to drive down the costs for implementation of EWA payroll, opening the door to this key technology for American workers.

“ADVASA’s mission of encouraging financial inclusion in the US through EWA, built on blockchain technologies, is exactly why IPwe created the Smart Pool model, to streamline the technology sharing process so innovation can occur efficiently,” said IPwe President Leann Pinto. “We are so excited to work with and enable ADVASA to capitalize on their freedom-to-innovate in blockchain and provide US employers with a way to promote financial inclusion with a next-generation daily pay solution.”

“Access to IPwe’s Blockchain Smart Pool is not only the most cost-effective but the most innovative method to achieve freedom-to-innovate in the US blockchain market for our joint venture,” said ADVASA CEO Asamitsu Kosugi. “The ability to develop and expand our own technology in the US utilizing high-quality blockchain patents from nChain is the best path forward to drive our Earned Wage Access innovation to the next level.”

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