Gaming app onboards 1M users to Web3, becomes #1 Web3 gaming community app

Must read is a leading mobile game recording and Web3 game questing application. They recently crossed 10 million installs across 100+ countries, with most of their users from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil and Russia.

Over the last three years, India and US-based startup, built high-performance game recording and live-streaming tools. When nonfungible token (NFT) gaming started picking up steam toward the end of 2021, started onboarding its community to Web3. It started with a simple, one-click login and noncustodial wallet without any seed phrase. A wallet is created in the background in a few seconds as soon as you log in to the app with your Google account. Glip’s in-app wallet supports all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and Klaytn, and works on popular decentralized applications (DApps) like OpenSea and Magic Eden. The app recently crossed 1 million unique gamer wallets.

Parth Choudhary, the founder and CEO of, said: “I had been tinkering around with blockchain tools for gamers since the launch of Ethereum and the Lightning Network. But, adoption was always a problem. With, we decided to first build tools that were relevant for Web2 gamers. Only after achieving Web2 product market fit, we started our Web3 experiments. We’re excited to build a future where people can truly own their in-game assets and monetize their gaming skills.”

After equipping users with a Web3 wallet, launched play to win quests and leaderboard tournaments with Axie Infinity, League of Kingdoms and Marblex (Netmarble) to introduce its users to Web3 gaming. For the last six months, 200,000 glip gamers have participated in quests and played Web3 games. Since the NFT market crashed and the guild scholarships model tanked, questing has emerged as one of the answers for Web3 game discovery. is the category leader, having built an easy platform to launch new quests, connect with glip recorder for verification and make instant global payouts.

Junki Moon, the director of Marblex Business Division (Netmarble), said: “ has been a valuable partner for distributing our Web3 mobile game, the King of Fighters: Arena, spreading awareness about our controller NFTs and running hassle-free tournaments.”

One of the most interesting aspects of is building Web2 and Web3 gaming on-chain identity for millions of gamers through soul-bound tokens (SBTs). Users get custom-designed, non-transferrable NFT badges for sharing their Web2 and Web3 gaming history and achievements badges that they get for participating in quests.

As continues to scale its Web3 mobile game distribution platform, it has also started working with studios to publish Web3 mobile games, focusing on its user base.

Ishan Shrivastava, founder and chief operating officer of, said: “We are working with some of the best studios, building shooters, MOBAs, UGC world editors and sports games. At, we have a large Web2 and Web3 mobile gamer distribution, and the entire Web3 economy infrastructure stack. Our vision is to deliver the most delightful and empowering Web3 mobile games to gamers everywhere.”

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