The Richverse web3 product 1.0 Gamefi: Genesis is about to open the internal test qualification

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Gamefi of Richverse Web3, as the first social-competitive game which is initiated by the Harvard and MIT technical teams, will be launched on polygon in July.

Genesis: introduction and analysis

Genesis takes the mission of initiating Gamefi 2.0,under the support of Metis’ plus it is a fantastic game we are all looking forward its development in the near future.

5 highlights in this product:

  1. Genesis combines the four elements of simulation management, development, competition, and social interaction into Gamefi;
  2. Players can not only compete with other players to obtain tokens through their proficiency in game manipulation, but also obtain token rewards through the pioneering learn to earn (learning knowledge) and pledge NFT.
  3. The way for players to obtain tokens has changed from P2E as the main path in gamefi 1.0 to PVP with competitive manipulation. A token model like this will revolutionaryly optimize the Gamefi economic system, and the game ecological currency will no longer become a bubble to undertake, which greatly improves the durability of the game and the healthy development of the game ecological performance in the long run.
  4. In Genesis, players can obtain assets through different levels of constellation to immigrate to Genester in different scenes of the game, meanwhile the game also enables players to interact and socialize with more new friends.
  5. Genesis based on the virtual IP-Genester of Constellation Immigrants, created NFT assets such as space debris, virtual buildings, and game equipment. This had set an important tone for building the Richverse Web3 Sociafi network up in the future.

Genesis has received strategic investment from institutions including Bitcoke, AKG Ventures, Hotbit DAO, 7’Oclock Labs,etc. Genesis also announced that it will go public on Polygon.

Genesis is regarded as a play to earn game in the Polygon ecosystem. Players can collect virtual IP-Genel based on the attributes of different constellations as well as making profits and being entertained after constantly playing and upgrading via learn to earn(L2E) mode, players vs players(PVP) mode, and play to education(P2E) mode. Players could earn profits and feel entertained in this game.In the Genesis world, everyone will fight for just through fair plays.At the meantime that it is also possible to participate in the decision-making and governance of the DAO according to player’s contribution.

According to information from the project, it contains the following advantages:

  1. Genesis has a professional technical and production team, and its games are well-made. While users enjoy a high-quality visual performance, they can also obtain a multi-scene, controllable and playable game experience. The picture quality of the official website disclosed is excellent so far.
  2. The Genester level, quantity and token pledge amount will be used as the identity authentication for users to participate in the DAO governance in the later stage. That is to say players could receive token,as well as participating in various development decisions and making additional profits.
  3. Game equipment, space debris and virtual buildings built by players, including Genester, obtained in the Genesis game belong to NFT and can be traded in the NFT market, which can not only enhances the fun of the game, but also improves the flexibility of the game market. 

The biggest difference between Gamefi 1.0 and AXIE and other Gamefi1.0 is:

  1. This game has limited output currency.
  2. The game owns an unique healthy and sustainable token system which is to say that game ecological currency is no longer a bubble to undertake.It greatly improves the durability of the game and the healthy development of the game ecology.
  3. The original Learn to earn scene, which show up the original intention and mission of the positive derivation of the Gamefi market and industry from the team.
  4. The first VR mining machine, combining VR glasses with NFT, will serve as a physical link to maintain community consensus.
  5. Based on different functions, locations and timelines that different NFT attributes in the game have corresponding and various deflation and appreciation mechanisms.
  6. Token management will be carried out in the form of DAO. They are all distributed and governed by the community, which is the real evolution of decentralized games.

At present, its official debut has started the whitelist activity for NFT sales and announced the relevant rules: Genesis adopts a dual-token mode.RIV, as the DAO governance token and GES is the Genesis game ecological currency accounts of a total of 200 billion pieces for each; as the game progresses, RIV and GES are gradually reduced while acquired or burned by players.The first release of GES is airdropped according to the NFT holding conditions of Genesis games.

According news that disclosed, the governance token RIV was launched on Bitcoke on April 8, with a maximum increase of 825% at the opening. Genesis will start its internal test at the end of June and officially launch in July. The development prospects are worth looking forward to.

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