Coresky Unveils Its First Launchpad Program With a Prize Pool of $50,000 in Airdrops

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Coresky officially launched the first project on Launchpad, which is the Celestia-packaged NFT, issued by Coresky DAO, with a total circulation of 1050 and a unit price of 200 USDT. Users can mint the CoreCard NFT on the Coresky platform and obtain Tickets provided by CoreCard by fulfilling the CoreCard binding time requirement. These Tickets can be used to participate in the Launchpad lottery. Users who are drawn in the lottery can obtain the right to mint Celestia-packaged NFTs, which can be listed for trading on the NFT market or held in a crypto wallet to be claimed after token unlocking.

CoreCard is Coresky’s NFT-based decentralized identity governance system that operates within the Coresky ecosystem. By holding a CoreCard, users automatically become members of the Coresky community and can enjoy the benefits provided by the platform. CoreCard has six levels, ranging from level 0 to level 5, namely, CoreCardV0 Kite, CoreCardV1 Balloon, CoreCardV2 Biplane, CoreCardV3 Jet, CoreCardV4 Satellite, and CoreCardV5 Spacecraft. The higher the level of the CoreCard, the more Tickets the users receive. Users immediately get Tickets corresponding to the level to which they have upgraded.

In Coresky’s current Launchpad project, CoreCard V4 and CoreCard V5 holders can not only participate in this Launchpad through Tickets, but also receive 100% of Celestia-packaged NFT airdrops. CoreCard V4 holders can evenly split 50 Celestia-packaged NFTs worth a total of 10,000U, while CoreCard V5 holders can evenly split 200 Celestia-packaged NFTs worth a total of 40,000U. This means that CoreCard V4 holders will receive a total of 10,000U worth of 50 Celestia-packaged NFTs, and CoreCard V5 holders will receive a total of 40,000U worth of 200 Celestia-packaged NFTs. Users can upgrade their CoreCard level by participating in trading mining, burning platform points (future platform tokens), or completing other tasks set by the platform.

Coresky’s investment and research team has been conducting in-depth research and market analysis across various areas of the cryptocurrency industry with scalability being a key focus. In this phase of Coresky Launchpad, the Celestia-packaged NFTs offer first-hand market investment shares in Celestia, a module-based blockchain. Celestia is the first truly modular blockchain that aims to provide an easy, low-cost solution for anyone looking to deploy their own blockchain. The platform’s vision is to combine Cosmos’ sovereign inter-operating zones with Ethereum-centered rollups to share security. Celestia’s incentive test network has already launched, and the mainnet is expected to be released later in 2023.

The betting period for this round of Coresky Launchpad starts at 12:00 PM Eastern Time on April 8th, and the drawing will take place at 12:00 PM on April 10th. Crypto enthusiasts worldwide are welcome to participate and experience the Coresky Launchpad interface.

To participate in Coresky Launchpad, users must follow these three steps:

Step 1: Mint and bind CoreCard.

Users must mint and bind CoreCard to be eligible for participation. Coresky distributes Tickets every week to users who have bound CoreCard. Only users who have bound CoreCard can receive Tickets, and they can upgrade their CoreCards through Coresky’s trading mining activities. Different levels of CoreCards generate a varying number of Tickets weekly, and users receive Tickets corresponding to the new level they upgrade to immediately.

Step 2: Bet with Tickets.

Coresky Launchpad offers investment opportunities for high-quality projects. Users can use their Tickets to place bets on the projects in which they are interested. Once the betting period ends, the users will receive notification if they win the Asset-packaged NFT shares.

Step 3: Mint Asset-packaged NFT.

Users who win can mint an Asset-packaged NFT containing primary market investment shares of the corresponding project. The winners must complete the minting process within the specified time frame. After the minting is complete, users can freely sell the NFT as per their requirements.

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