Aurory Franchise Enables Cross-Chain Operability with Arbitrum Integration

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Aurory, an acclaimed gaming universe of interoperable games, today announced the first step of their multi-platform vision by integrating with Arbitrum, the leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Although Aurory games are free-to-play and don’t require a wallet connection, any on-chain Aurory assets are now able to exist on both Arbitrum and Solana, two of the leading blockchain ecosystems within web3 gaming. These assets include $AURY tokens, playable NFT characters, skins, and Neftie eggs, all of which currently have, or will have, a utility in the project’s two flagship games, Adventures (JRPG), and Tactics (Timeline-Based Battle Arena).

This integration is made possible through SyncSpace, a proprietary hybrid on-chain/off-chain inventory management system custom-built by Aurory. SyncSpace was initially created as a means to minimize friction for new users trying Aurory games without the need to connect a wallet, while still allowing them to earn items that could later be minted on-chain when withdrawn to an external wallet. Concurrently, users are able to deposit on-chain items into their SyncSpace which allows them to seamlessly play games, trade, hatch Neftie eggs, send Aurorians on Expeditions, and more, without the need to constantly approve blockchain transactions.

Now the Aurory team is using this same tech to allow users to deposit Aurory assets into their SyncSpace from the Solana network and withdraw them on the Arbitrum network, and vice versa, creating a seamless cross-chain experience for users. In addition to this, SyncSpace has the potential to allow Aurory games to integrate with traditional gaming platforms that have tighter restrictions when it comes to blockchain elements in games that they host.

“We have always imagined Aurory existing across multiple gaming ecosystems, and this is the first step in realizing that vision,” said Jonathan Campeau, Executive Producer at Aurory. “With the launch of our social hub “Blanche”, our community is poised to expand into the universal Aurory experience our team has envisioned since its inception. We are excited that the Arbitrum community will be a part of this journey with us.”

The integration will introduce Arbitrum users to the recently launched Blanche social hub, the foundation of AuroryAdventures that allows holders to spawn into the world of Aurory as a 3D, playable version of their Aurorian NFT. Blanche gives players an early look into the world of Aurory, teasing narrative elements, and allowing players to socialize with each other and experience the first version of the Adventures battle system in automated, one-on-one, “Speed Blitz” duels against other players.

Despite Blanche being accessible only to Aurorian NFT holders since its release, the Aurory team is hosting an event in celebration of their Arbitrum integration that will see Blanche open to the public for one week, beginning on August 1st. During this event, Arbitrum users will have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in Aurory assets for playing Speed Blitz and completing other tasks. For more details, visit the event page here:

Throughout 2023, Arbitrum has emerged as a leader in the web3 gaming industry, growing their active blockchain gaming users by 125% during the first quarter (Q1 2023), and spearheading technological developments that improve scaling performance for their community. Built for game developers that rely on high volumes of transactions, the Arbitrum Nova scaling solution enables low-cost transactions by processing the data off-chain through their “AnyTrust” technology suite.

“Building an ecosystem for blockchain games requires the infrastructure to support development teams, but it’s equally important that innovative games are pushing the boundaries of web3 gaming forward,” said A.J. Warner, Chief Strategy Officer at Offchain Labs. “What Aurory is doing is incredibly ambitious and we are excited for our growing gaming community to experience one of the premier franchises in the industry.”

Aurory will join a host of other notable gaming projects available in the Arbitrum ecosystem, including Pirate Nation, which migrated to Arbitrum earlier this year to take advantage of its cutting-edge scaling technology.

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About Aurory

Aurory is a next-generation entertainment franchise. It’s anchored in innovative gaming experiences while incubating exciting narrative content designed to span comics, animation, film, TV, social engagement and consumer products. Aurory is a worldwide brand that enables players, fans and participants to experience real ownership perks in-game, across platforms, and IRL. The team proudly boasts one of the most experienced executive and development suites in blockchain gaming, with dozens of talents from the gaming and cryptocurrency industries, including many former employees from Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and other well-known studios.

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About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a suite of secure scaling solutions for Ethereum, originally developed by Offchain Labs and now governed by The Arbitrum Foundation, overseeing the support and growth of the Arbitrum network and its community while remaining at the forefront of blockchain adoption. An Optimistic Rollup, Arbitrum One provides ultra-fast, low-cost transactions with security derived from Ethereum. Launched in August 2021, the Arbitrum One mainnet beta is EVM-compatible to the bytecode level and has 60%+ TVL in the L2 segment. In August 2022, Arbitrum One upgraded to Nitro tech stack, enabling fraud proofs over the core engine of Geth compiled to WASM.

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