CoinsPaid Sees Potential In Estonian Market, Ready To Drive innovation In Startup Ecosystem

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CoinsPaid, an international crypto payment ecosystem that offers solutions for integrating cryptocurrencies into business and daily life, continues to develop and places emphasis on the potential of Estonia and its thriving stage for financial and tech companies.

Estonia is leading the way in crypto adoption in the Baltic region by supporting technological development and creating a favorable regulatory environment for blockchain businesses. The country’s Ministry of Finance is in the process of developing a regulatory framework for crypto assets in accordance with MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets) that was adopted recently on the wider EU scale.

Seeing the local government’s willingness to support crypto innovation, CoinsPaid sought to deepen its presence in the country by opening a new office in April 2023. The company considers this a big step in its long-term development and is actively hiring financial and blockchain specialists to boost its team in the region.

CoinsPaid also held a conference on the subject of MiCA regulation, inviting experts from European institutions, local authorities, regulators, and international key players. The main point of discussion was the potential impact of MiCA on the development of the crypto industry, with an emphasis on crypto implementation in the European payments sector.

Furthermore, CoinsPaid has already begun partnering with local businesses, enabling them to use crypto payments in their services. One such example is Latitude59, a major startup and tech event held in Tallinn that collaborated with CoinsPaid to enable its attendees to purchase tickets via cryptocurrency.

“The Baltic region’s potential for crypto adoption is significant due to its tech-savvy population and openness to new technologies. With Estonia leading the way in regulation and infrastructure development, other local countries will likely follow, furthering the growth in this industry. At CoinsPaid we see great potential in the Estonian market and are excited about partnering with local businesses to help drive innovation in this ecosystem,” — states Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid.

About CoinsPaid

CoinsPaid is a crypto payment ecosystem that enables businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Aside from a crypto payment gateway, the ecosystem includes a business wallet, OTC desk, SaaS solution, and CoinsPaid Media. CoinsPaid counts over 200 employees from 15 countries and successfully operates in Europe and Latin America.

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