Ceffu (Formerly Binance Custody) to be Custodian of Flynt Finance for Enhanced Asset Security and Off-Exchange Settlement

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Flynt Finance, a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform, has announced a partnership with Ceffu, formerly known as Binance Custody, to provide its clients with enhanced asset storage security and access to its off-exchange settlement solution, Mirror.

Ceffu is an institutional custodian that offers secure custody and liquidity solutions. With this partnership, Flynt Finance’s clients will benefit from Ceffu’s secure cold storage solutions, which are designed to protect against theft, loss, and other risks associated with the storage of digital assets.

Flynt Finance’s automated strategies, including its covered call and delta-neutral strategies, allow clients to earn yields on their cryptocurrency investments on a weekly basis up to 80% APY. This new partnership with Ceffu will help to further safeguard these investments and provide clients with added peace of mind.

In addition to enhanced asset storage security, Ceffu offers a feature called Mirror, which allows assets in custody to be used to access trading products on the Binance Exchange without leaving their Ceffu cold wallet. This means that Flynt Finance’s clients can benefit from deep liquidity on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange through Mirror without compromising on the security of their digital assets.

Flynt Finance’s CEO, David, said, “We are excited to partner with Ceffu to provide our clients with enhanced asset storage security and access to Mirror. Ceffu’s trusted custody solutions and the Mirror feature will help to protect our clients’ investments and allow them to benefit from our automated yield-generating strategies with added convenience and peace of mind.”

As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, partnerships like this one between Flynt Finance and Ceffu will become increasingly important for investors looking to safeguard their digital assets and maximize their returns. With the added security, convenience, and access to Mirror provided by this partnership, Flynt Finance’s clients will be well-positioned to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

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