Benzinga Invests In Crypto, Opens TradeStation Crypto Account as Part of Corporate Treasury Strategy

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Benzinga, a financial media and data technology startup empowering investors, is now investing in crypto as part of its corporate treasury strategy. Benzinga is earning up to 6%* per annum interest on eligible crypto assets held with TradeStation Crypto, Inc. (TradeStation Crypto), a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc.

“Crypto is beginning to be used as a treasury solution by corporate treasurers to help diversify the mix of assets on their company balance sheets, and our institutional services team at TradeStation Crypto walks treasurers through the process from learning how to acquire and hold cryptocurrencies in a way that is designed to generate interest in their TradeStation Crypto accounts,” said James Putra, Senior Director, Product Strategy at TradeStation Crypto. “We are seeing increased participation in crypto investing at the corporate level, and we’re proud to educate and provide companies like Benzinga with the tools needed to invest in crypto assets.”

“Crypto accounts at TradeStation Crypto are currently yielding higher interest rates than other more traditional cash management solutions, and in this ultra-low interest rate environment, Benzinga sought alternative investment opportunities,” said Luke Jacobi, Director of Operations at Benzinga. “For us, investing in crypto and working with TradeStation Crypto is a win-win. Though not without some added risks, through higher interest rates and a bullish outlook on crypto, Benzinga has the potential to generate more cash in the short-term, while also investing in what could prove to be the monetary system of the future.”

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