BIT Mining and Chain Reaction Form Collaboration for Bitcoin Hashing Systems

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BIT Mining Limited (“BIT Mining” or the “Company”), a leading technology-driven cryptocurrency mining company, today announced that it has entered into a collaboration with Chain Reaction, a semiconductor company focused on disruptive blockchain and privacy hardware, to produce next-generation systems for bitcoin mining. The systems, expected to launch later this year, will be based on Chain Reaction’s EL3CTRUM ASIC solution.

BIT Mining is the market leader in next generation architecture and mass production of high-performance, low power systems for the cryptocurrency mining industry. Together, BIT Mining and Chain Reaction are poised to leverage their expertise and knowledge to develop and create a new generation of hardware that will deliver industry leading performance with relatively low power consumption.

Chain Reaction designs hardware for blockchain, privacy, HPC and the cloud. The company has a core team with decades of experience in analog and circuit design, and an impressive history of 30 successful ASIC tapeouts that went directly to high volume manufacturing. Their recently launched EL3CTRUM ASIC is a groundbreaking blockchain chip that serves as the foundation for sustainable, high-performance blockchain technologies.

“Chain Reaction’s bleeding-edge ASICs will enable BIT Mining to build next-gen systems to advance the Bitcoin mining industry towards faster, more power efficient computing,” said Alon Webman, CEO of Chain Reaction.

“We are excited to work side by side with Chain Reaction, a leader in blockchain infrastructure. We believe through this collaboration we can leverage our individual strengths to provide the mining community systems that enhance long-term benefits and capabilities. With the crypto mining industry continuing to evolve, BIT Mining looks to develop systems that are more efficient, accessible, and sustainable,” said Xianfeng Yang, CEO of BIT Mining.

About BIT Mining Limited

BIT Mining is a leading technology-driven cryptocurrency mining company, with a long-term strategy to create value across the cryptocurrency industry. Its business covers cryptocurrency mining, mining pool, data center operation and mining machine manufacturing. The Company owns the world’s top blockchain browser and the comprehensive mining pool business operated under, providing multi-currency mining services including BTC, ETC and LTC. The Company also owns a 7-nanometer cryptocurrency mining machine manufacturer, Bee Computing, enabling the Company’s self-efficiency through vertical integration with its supply chain.

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About Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is engineering the future of disruptive blockchain and privacy technologies. The company accelerates compute performance, enabling organizations to adopt and scale solutions to the world’s most complex problems. Partnering with cloud and data centers, Chain Reaction transforms compute infrastructure with custom ASICs and systems that optimize for low-power, high-performance compute. Purpose-built and custom-designed, its solutions power the next generation of secure, scalable, and green computing to help protect people, privacy, and the planet.

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